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Meine Wissensbilanz 2017 verweist auch auf ältere Wissensbilanzen (Sammlungen von Vorträgen, Publikationen und anderen Dingen, auf die ich in meinem wissenschaftlichen Leben stolz sein darf).

Das unten gezeigte Bild ((c) DUK Reischer) und der Artikel über mich erschienen in Upgrade (Magazin der Donau-Universität Krems). Hier geht es direkt zum Heft 4/2016, in dem der Artikel (verfasst von Astrid Kuffner) nachzulesen ist.


My postition at the Department of Interactive Media and Educational Technologies at Danube University Krems enables me to live almost all my passions in the same time: teaching, learning, research and new media are the things I love - and fortunately I am able to work embedded in them. As I am mainly working in EU funded projects, I decided to set up this résumé in English. Those who prefer German can find a lot of German language information in my department's newsletter and on its website.


Well, of course, I am not the only one working at the projects listed below Wink That's part of the pleasure of project work: collaboration with great colleagues from a broad range of nations...

The project TEAVET - Developing Teacher competencies for a comprehensive VET system in Albania was kicked off in León (Spain) on 29/30 November 2017. Working with partners from Albania, Finland and Spain. Recent news can be found on Twitter (#TEAVET).

ATS2020 - Assessment of Transversal Skills (for lower secondary classrooms across Europe): started in April 2015. Please check the IMB's Mahara dissemination page for up-to-date information in German and English.

EUROPORTFOLIO - European Network of ePortfolio Experts & Practitioners:

I am also content admin of the IMB's Mahara platform:


Bernhard Ertl / Andrea Ghoneim / Sylvia Grossgasteiger: E-Portfolios als Lern- und Dokumentationsraum für lernerInnenzentriertes Arbeiten. Posterpräsentation am E-Learning-Tag der FH Joanneum, Graz (16.9.2015).
Bernhard Ertl / Andrea Ghoneim / Sylvia Grossgasteiger: E-Portfolios als Lern- und Dokumentationsraum für lernerInnenzentriertes Arbeiten. Posterpräsentation am E-Learning-Tag der FH Joanneum, Graz (16.9.2015).

This Blog is for people who want to get started with ePortfolios basing on the ePortfolio platform Mahara. The entries focus mainly on ePortfolios in schools and higher education, but there are also some other examples.

New in Mahara 17.04

Mahara for ATS2020 is now upgraded to version 17.04. A presentation was added to the page "ATS2020 User Support - Guides for Tools" to show some new features of Mahara 17.04. The page is publicly accessible. ATS2020 also proudly can point at the fact that part of the Mahara Upgrade was programmed for the ATS2020 project. We even got a "Thank you" card for our contribution which you can find as an attachment to this blog entry. Programming work for Mahara/ATS2020 was done by Gregor Anzelj, and we like to thank him here, again.

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Mahara guides for ATS2020 teachers

The "Technology and Tools" ePortfolio of the project ATS2020 is a collection of resources for partners, but also open for everyone who wants to have a look into the "project kitchen" of ePortfolio spaces for learning and assessment for students, aged 10-15 years. Part of the collection is a page with resources (slides, webinar recordings, ...) for working with Mahara (15.10) as well as with Office 365 and One Nore Class Notebook.

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Update + getting started on a new Mahara ;-)

ATS2020 has a flourishing website since a while. While I got more silent on this blog, I was busy training teacher trainers on another Mahara, they also get acquainted to OneNote classbook. In either of these spaces, or in a combination of both students will develop, self-assess and peer-assess transversal skills. The process will be coached and accompanied by teachers who will also give their students advice via formative assessment. Please check the website of ATS2020 to learn more or have a look at the German-English dissemination page of the project.

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ATS2020 - Assessment with ePortfolios

The EU-funded project ATS2020 - Assessment of Transversal Skills (for lower secondary classrooms across Europe) will continue the success road of the project EUfolio. With a focus on formative assessment, the technological and didactical basis of the project will be Mahara and a second ePortfolio platform - most likely it is going to be a Microsoft-based solution, again. A first report about the project can be found via the EUROPORTFOLIO portal. The project website is still under construction, however, it also offers first information about the project.

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My CV in German language is available online via XING, I also have an English CV at LinkedIn.

I like blogging and have a couple of blogs (all in German):

Kairo und mehr” is a mix of a diary of my times in Cairo and an archive for some other (mainly journalistic) texts which I drafted on cultural and teaching related issues during my time in Egypt (between 2002 and 2007).

Facebook und Ägypten” is connected to a workshop at the Medienkompetenz-Symposium at JKU Linz in 2013. It gives some background information on the connections of the “Egyptian Spring” and communication via facebook, but still should be updated with quotes and links.

Techniken des wissenschaftlichen Arbeitens – tfm” is a product of a seminar on techniques of scholarly work for theatre, film and media studies (University of Vienna, summer term 2011). The contributions to this blog are mainly drafted by the students, I did the editing work and sometimes added some information.

Literatur im WWW” contains a commented linkography on German language literature readings for German as a foreign language. It was set up to accompany a workhop at the ÖDaF Tagung (Conference of the Austrian Association for German as a Foreign/Second language) in 2008.

Finally, there is also a blog which accompanied a German course for beginners at University of Vienna, in fall 2012:

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