Summary of my ePortfolio Experiences von Klaus Himpsl-Gutermann: Example Quote 1

Example Quote 1

“[…] as soon as you know in such a case that you will publish this at some point, then there is, let’s say, self-critical thinking is restrained, of course, because you don’t say this is simply my diary that no-one will see, where I am writing things down for myself. It’s not that, you would have to somehow separate that, you would have to say, ok, I can do one part for myself, reflecting for myself alone, but I don’t really want to show this to the public, right. This is, I see some tension there […] So probably I have, let’s say, I tended to write for a reader, not really for myself. That’s, well, looking back honestly right now, this is like a rather automatic and unconscious process, that you tell yourself, ok, this is going to be looked at, graded, so you will write what somehow, well, will give a good impression on the whole. And everything else, well, I can think about that for myself. So, well, it does have this tendency, doesn’t it.”