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Write offline and paste

I just had a conversation with a Mahara user who was not aware that Mahara offers the possibility of blogging as well. It does, the feature is just called "journal" (at least in the German version).

After this clarification the user still was reluctant to use Mahara for blogging. She gave as a reason that in Mahara there are sometimes difficulties with saving the entries and that she is afraid of losing her entry or at least part of it.

As I write this online, I will keep this entry short. However, one should always be aware of problems with saving when working - whereever - "in the cloud". Drafting a text in an offline text editor and pasting it afterwards may look old-fashioned, but it is still a pragmatic way to prevent loss of text or other kinds of entries.

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Andrea Ghoneim - 06. August 2013, 14:04 [Aktualisiert: 06. August 2013, 14:05]

Actually, you reach the point to select "blog" after having clicked on "Journal". Sorry for having rushed the explanation a bit! A good in-depth video tutorial is "Publishing a Blog or Journal using UHI Mahara" (UHI = University of the Highlands and Islands).


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