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Made a view + shared my page

It's pretty easy once you know how to do it:
Click on "Portfolio" and on "Create page". This is how you get into the space for editing title and description, layout, and content. You can add or remove colums and different types of content.

You think this explication is too short and simple? Visit the Mahara handbook and check out chapter 1.2 "The Mahara framework". There you can find a little more details and some backgrounds.

You prefer to have a video instruction? There are plenty of them available online. You could try, for example: Mahara - Creating Views, part one: Create a view by Chris Grant (2010).

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Andrea Ghoneim - 05. August 2013, 11:58 [Aktualisiert: 05. August 2013, 12:02]

Proudly, I copied the URL of my new page, logged out of Mahara and tried to visit my page. It didn't work Surprised The reason was simple: I had forgotten to share my page with the public.

In version 1.7 it is done like this: Click on "Portfolio", then click on "Shared by me". A list of your pages appears, next to it you can find out who has access. If you click on the key symbol, you can edit the access options. I made my page "public" and now everyone in the WWW has access to my page.

If you use an older version of Mahara, there is a short video ("Grant public Access to Your ePortfolio") from the "Online Teaching Certification program" which might be helpful for you.