Andrea Ghoneim, Danube University Krems von Andrea Ghoneim: More of me on the Web

My CV in German language is available online via XING, I also have an English CV at LinkedIn.

I like blogging and have a couple of blogs (all in German):

Kairo und mehr” is a mix of a diary of my times in Cairo and an archive for some other (mainly journalistic) texts which I drafted on cultural and teaching related issues during my time in Egypt (between 2002 and 2007).

Facebook und Ägypten” is connected to a workshop at the Medienkompetenz-Symposium at JKU Linz in 2013. It gives some background information on the connections of the “Egyptian Spring” and communication via facebook, but still should be updated with quotes and links.

Techniken des wissenschaftlichen Arbeitens – tfm” is a product of a seminar on techniques of scholarly work for theatre, film and media studies (University of Vienna, summer term 2011). The contributions to this blog are mainly drafted by the students, I did the editing work and sometimes added some information.

Literatur im WWW” contains a commented linkography on German language literature readings for German as a foreign language. It was set up to accompany a workhop at the ÖDaF Tagung (Conference of the Austrian Association for German as a Foreign/Second language) in 2008.

Finally, there is also a blog which accompanied a German course for beginners at University of Vienna, in fall 2012: