Andrea Ghoneim, Danube University Krems von Andrea Ghoneim: Getting started with Mahara : Tasmanian Polytechnic did it in 2009!

Tasmanian Polytechnic did it in 2009!

In the framework of the Tasmanian  E-learning Innovations project, Tasmanian Polytechnic embedded ePortfolios in the teaching and learning process in 2009. As they used Mahara and collected their reflections, hints and "how-to"s in a web-guide entitled "Embedding e-portfolios in the teaching and learning process", we can check out how they did at

The guide offers some graphics on teaching and learning processes and activities, ideas for setting up courses and for teacher and student activities. Short videos of teachers make the guide more vivid, and keywords for finding help on each topic in the Mahara user guide (which is now the Mahara user manual) make the guide a helpful resource for implementing Mahara for school teaching.

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