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Mahara Tutorial

There are many tutorials for Mahara available online. I like the one of the AUB (American University of Beirut) because it is clearly structured and can be printed out as a book or chapter by chapter.

Mahara Tutorial by AUB  is directed both to students and teaching staff. It can be used by school teachers as well. As it is written clearly and has a good structure, at least upper secondary students should not have a problem using it, either.

The mentioned Mahara Tutorial gives an idea about the pedagogic idea behind Mahara, and contains information on the basic use of Mahara, like setting up a profile, possible contents of the ePortfolio (files, blogs, views, collections, plans), finding and organizing groups and friends and management of one's account settings. The process of exporting content from Mahara is explained as well.

The AUB's policy is that the user's Mahara accounts are active as long as you are a faculty/staff member, while other schools or universities keep the account "alive" even after graduation.Furthermore the tutorial is adapted to the user interface of AUB, so users of other Mahara platforms might find "their" Mahara looking slightly different. However, it gives a good idea for people who want to get started.

AUB's Mahara Tutorial was partly adapted from:, where you can, of course, find more detailed information.

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