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Mahara and other ePortfolios - from Kindergarten to University

As I heard that Mahara is even used in the Kindergarten, I tried to find examples online. I did not manage, but found this very nice pdf-collection on Helen Barrett's electronic portfolio website: it shows Victoria Barrett's Kindergarten ePortfolio. This can at least give a good idea, which artefacts to collect for such an ePortfolio. As the handling of an ePortfolio tool is not the prevailing learning target for the age group, a lot of media can be used for making an ePortfolio - slide shows, picture collections, etc. To store the ePortfolio, one can use places in the cloud (like Dropbox or Google drive) or school environments, such as Moodle. For a Moodle Kindergarten ePortfolio I found quite a nice example, uploaded to youtube by Paul White.

However, this brings us to the question "Why do we need Mahara when we have Moodle?", which is also treated in a youtube video of Rod Cullen.

Finally, I want to point at an excellent video by JISC on the implementation of Mahara at university and its interconnections with Moodle:

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