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Secrets of Success on Every Portfolio Journey

MyPortfolio "provides a personal learning environment to record and showcase evidence of achievement, manage development plans, set goals, and create online learning communities" and much more. It is a Mahara-based service for schools in New Zealand. Even though this looks far away from Europe, there are example views and guided tours on the MyPortfolio website that can give a pretty good idea what students (and teachers) can do with their ePortfolios. And the look and feel of MyPortfolio is not that different of the one of the "usual" Mahara - so we can all feel inspired ;-)

Heather Eccles' reflections on embarking on an ePortfolio journey seem very close to my heart, too. She reveals three secrets of success, the first of which is the pedagogical purpose. I found the way to her short, clear and heartfelt essay on "Secrets of Success on my MyPortfolio Journey" via the Mahara Newsletter, where always a lot of goodies wait for being appreciated.

In case you have something to share, have a look at the call for the upcoming Mahara newsletter (deadline: September 28, 2013).

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