Cultural Dialogue von Empowering Young People: 4. Project results

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The end product was the main motivation of all participants; the students put so much effort into their products. It can be seen how the students experience their daily life at school as well as their free time and which parts they chose to show you.


Enjoy our videos and get to know our students' daily life!


Find out what the similarities and differences are between free time in Ukraine and Germany or between school life in Bor and Vienna.


Free-time activities in Ukraine (Secondary School No. 8, grades I-III, Odessa)

Part 1:


Part 2



School Life in Ukraine (Secondary School #8, grades I-III, Odessa)


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3



Life at School, Bor (Economy and Trade School)


Life After School, Bor (Economy and Trade School)


School Time in Germany (Ferdinand von Steinbeisschule)


Free Time in Germany (Ferdinand von Steinbeis Schule)


Free Time in Vienna


Part 1


Part 2


School Life in Vienna:



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