Cultural Dialogue von Empowering Young People: 5. Possible ongoing Projects

3. Possible ongoing Projects

We have also been using the videos in another class when we teach cultural differences and understanding. It is a nice effect to show the students videos that were made by other kids their age. So keep on using the videos! 

Another possible ongoing project might be a pen friendship. It would maintain  the contact between the schools in different classes, if started early enough; the young people would be able to build up nice relationships.

A good result of a pen friendship is an actual exchange, with meetings between the schools. Of course it is not possible to meet each school every school year, but this can be rotated. Due to the rotation it would be possible to visit each school once every three years, then  start again from the beginning.

These videos might be the start of a mutual understanding before the first contact. In these exchanges, it would be possible to see further aspects of cultural dialogue and expand knowledge.