The Austrian KidZ project: "Classroom of the Future" von KidZ PH Wien:

  • In context of the Austrian KidZ project, the KidZ E-Portfolio Study 2014, carried out by the Centre for Educational Technology and Innovation (ZLI) at the Department of Interdisciplinary Education of the University of Teacher Education Vienna (PH Wien), collected and analyzed good practice examples at Austrian schools in order to get an insight into existing e-portfolio projects. In addition to that, five teachers who had already gained a lot of practical experiences in the use of e-portfolios in class were invited to take part in virtual interviews via Adobe Connect.

  • The major aim of the study was to illustrate and analyse the use of e-portfolios at Austrian schools and to document and share experiences examples. The conclusions drawn from the analysis as well as the good practice examples of the participating schools were collected and presented in an e-portfolio collection on Mahara.

  • The study was continues in the school year 2015/16 and by now includes detailed e-portfolio project reports of twelve Austrian schools.

  • Link to the KidZ E-Portfolio Study carried out by the ZLI.